Our Apostolic Work


Our main apostolate is to help support, form and build up the Schoenstatt Movement. Whether we do this directly or indirectly, everything we do has an apostolic effect because we do it for Schoenstatt and for the Church. We see ourselves as instruments in the hands of Our Lady. Through our work we grow in a spirit of genuine co-responsibility. This creates  mutual appreciation of one another and the mission we share for the Church and world.
Some of the different fields in which our sisters are involved, be it directly for the Movement or other tasks in the spirit of Schoenstatt include:

Movement Work

Some sisters work full-time with the Schoenstatt Movement. We work either with girls, women, or families. 

Care for our Schoenstatt Shrines and Centres

Sisters are involved with all that is connected to the Shrine and our Centres. They care for the sacristy, flower arrangements, upkeep of our Centres. This includes the kitchen, dining room, reception area.

Various Tasks in the Service of Schoenstatt

Some sisters carry out tasks that are less public and yet important for our Schoenstatt mission. They not only care for the practical details of our family life, but they also provide an atmosphere of home and prayer for our sisters and all who visit our houses. Some are busy in the sewing room and laundry. Others work translating, forming and educating young sisters, landscaping, caring for our elderly sisters.

Secular Professions

As a secular institute, we also work in a wide variety of professions to bring the spirit of Schoenstatt into the world. Some sisters live and work outside of the community as “externs,”. They radiate Mary’s image to their surroundings taking on various tasks. Some work as teachers, nurses, computer analysts, or accountants. We have sisters who are university professors and lecturers, marriage counsellors and religious education coordinators. Any task befitting the dignity of women is appropriate for a Schoenstatt Sister of Mary.

Our Sick and Elderly Sisters

Our sick and elderly sisters are the “lightning conductors of grace” for our community and the entire Schoenstatt Work. Through their prayers and sacrifices they bring invaluable contributions to or apostolic task.. They are our greatest treasures!
All our sisters, regardless of profession, age or ability, contribute to the new evangelization as images of Mary for the Church and world.