Transforming Lives: Bringing Clean Water to 15 Families in Rural Kenya

A success story

We are thrilled to share with you the success story of our recently completed water project in a deprived area of Kenya near the Tana River. Through your generous support and unwavering commitment, we have managed to bring clean and accessible water to approximately 15 families who have long relied on a local contaminated river and the luckier families on shallow wells. This project, which involved the hand-digging of a 2.5-kilometer trench, marks a significant milestone in improving the lives of the local community. In this report, we will take you through the journey of this transformative project, showcasing the impact it has had on the lives of the people it serves.


The region in Kenya where this project took place has been grappling with severe water scarcity for decades. The community relied heavily on a local contaminated river and the luckier families on shallow wells for their water supply, which often resulted in contamination and scarcity during prolonged dry seasons. This not only affected their daily lives but also hindered their potential for socio-economic development. Recognizing the dire need for a sustainable solution, we embarked on this project to provide clean and readily available water to these families.

Project Implementation

We started off by consulting with the local community and mapping out a detailed strategy. We put together a group of 20 men, including both amateurs and paid employees from the area, and they worked tirelessly and selflessly to help the cause. They dug a ditch one and half metres deep and two and a half km long over the course of four weeks, armed only with shovels and an iron will.

Overcoming Challenges

Several obstacles had to be overcome in order to carry out a project of this scale in a rural area with little resources. It took a lot of work to break through the stony soil, and the rainy weather only made things more difficult. Nonetheless, the team’s resiliency and dedication carried them to victory. They dug relentlessly, with undying commitment, to ensure that every impediment was removed.

Impact and Benefits

The completion of the water project will have far-reaching positive effects on the community. Having access to clean water on their doorstep will significantly lessen the dangers of drinking polluted water. As a result, families will have more time to focus on things like bettering their health, gaining an education, and increasing their income.

Having access to clean water will also have far-reaching consequences for the regional economy. Families will be able to increase their agricultural operations and grow crops throughout the year if they have access to a consistent water supply. This will not only increase their access to nutritious food, but it will also provide surpluses of goods that can be sold to supplement their income.

Empowering the Community

Beyond the obvious advantages, this water project has also given the locals a feeling of pride and ownership. The Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary and the local community worked together to put the initiative into action, including residents at every turn. By including more people, this method strengthened communal cohesion and encouraged a feeling of shared responsibility.

Sustainability and Future Plans

We propose forming a group of concerned community people into a committee to advise on the long-term viability of the project. The committee’s job is to ensure the water system is properly maintained and repaired on a regular basis. We will keep a close eye on the progress of the project and provide advice and assistance as necessary.

Inspiring Others: A Beacon of Hope

This water project has not only improved the lives of the 15 families directly affected, but it has also sparked excitement in the surrounding neighbourhoods. Others, having seen the project’s success and the enhanced quality of life it has brought to the neighbourhood, have indicated an interest in launching a similar initiative. This demonstrates how one action may motivate others and drive change on a larger scale.

Our New Start as Schoenstatt Sisters

This year marked a new start for us the Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary whereby we will reside permanently in Kenya. We have been coming annually since 2020 to serve the local Schoenstatt Family. We bought land in the area in 2014 but for a variety of reasons we were able to develop it as we wanted until now. In addition to the community project, we, the Schoenstatt Sisters, have also benefited greatly from this water project. As we embark on our new start in Kenya, the provision of clean water has been a lifeline of hope for us. It will facilitate our daily activities and any building plans for a future Development Centre, enabling us to focus on our mission of service and support to the local community. The project has strengthened our bond with the community, as we worked hand in hand towards a common goal.

The reality of Harambee

In conclusion, we can truly say that we experienced the reality of Harambee. The word Harambee means “all pull together” in Swahili, and is the official motto of Kenya, appearing on its coat of arms.

We truly all pulled together and with that lives of around 15 households in rural Kenya have been drastically improved due to our finished water project. Thanks to your constant support and generosity for Kenya over the years, people no longer have to drink water from polluted boreholes, improving their health, education, and economic prospects. Thank you so much to everyone who contributed and will contribute to this initiative; your generosity will have a profound and long-lasting effect on these people and their families.

Not only have the people who directly benefited from this project’s success benefited, but the success of this initiative has spurred communities in the surrounding area to seek similar solutions. This water initiative has set off a chain reaction of good by giving locals a voice, promoting long-term sustainability, and shining a light on the future. We look forward to continued collaboration as we strive to bring positive change to communities in need. Together, we can create a better and brighter future for all in the shadow of the shrine which we hope to build in the near future. Thank you.