Where to find us!




Set in idyllic grounds, the Shrine, Retreat House and Provincial House of the Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary are in Constantia. Here countless numbers of people find tranquillity, harmony and their own unique calling in life. To quote the Archbishop of Cape Town, Stephen Brislin: “Schoenstatt, Constantia, is the heart of the Archdiocese.” The grounds and the Shrine are open all day to visitors, pilgrims and groups. Accommodation and conference facilities are available. Contact: 021 794 5100 info@schoenstattconstantia.co.za

Schoenstatt -Maryland - Shrine

Hanover Park

“Maryland” is situated in Hanover Park where our Sisters provide an oasis of peace and natural- spiritual nourishment in their Shrine and Centre in an area challenged by drugs and gang warfare. Through the presence of Our Lady, all who visit Maryland receive a new sense of dignity, nobility and strength for everyday life. The spaceous house accommodates guests for overnight accommodation and day visitors.
Contact 021 6921180 Maryland@xsinet.co.za



Villa Maria in Tamboerskloof is a residence for female students and has an Educare on the property. This “City Shrine” attracts business people and others who long to breathe in a more uplifting atmosphere than one finds in the city. Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament is an added attraction for all who wish to keep company with the Lord and His Mother. Contact 0214238136



In Cathcart, Eastern Cape, close to Queenstown, one finds the first Schoenstatt Shrine in Africa, built in 1949. Pioneer missionaries sent there in 1935 were unfamiliar with the language and culture of Africa but through untiring missionary service, the Sisters won the hearts of the people in their manifold needs. Our Lady’s presence in the Shrine is a tangible reality for all who visit her as is the presence of Father Kentenich the founder who visited Cathcart in 1948.




In Johannesburg, the city of gold, there lies a more precious treasure, the Schoenstatt Shrine at Bedford View. From there Our Lady draws business people and others to her heart and challenges them to “build a better world”. Pilgrims, mothers, families, young and old visit the Shrine regularly. There they discover the inner riches of the heart in the midst of a bustling city. Contact 0114555446 schoenstattbview@gmail.com



Campsie Glen

In 1962 the first Sister left South Africa for Scotland, and Schoenstatt took root! Some time later, the Shrine and Centre at Campsie Glen in the vicinity of Glasgow, were built. Together they provide a combination of idyllic natural and supernatural beauty. Schoenstatt has made its mark on the people of Scotland, not least through the presence of Our Lady in her Shrine, the hard work of the Sisters and the involvement of many lay people. From Scotland the sisters serve the Schoenstatt Movement in Ireland. Contact 0044 1360312718 schoenstatt.scotland@schoenstatt.co.uk


Burund, Kenya and Nigeria

In 1962 the first three sisters, sailed up the East Coast of Africa on their way to Burundi. The sisters longed to plant the seeds of the covenant of love into African hearts. Today Schoenstatt is in every diocese in Burundi serving the people of Burundi in various ways. From Burundi, Schoenstatt has spread to the Congo, Tanzania and Rwanda. The South African Sisters also travel to Kenya and Nigeria regularly to work with the Schoenstatt families that are slowly starting to grow in these places.



Our international sisters’ community is centred in Germany, where we were founded. The motherhouse is located on Mount Schoenstatt, close to the Original Shrine, in the small town of Vallendar.