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No time of the year is as strongly marked by humanity’s longing for light, for brightness, for silence, as the
Bringing Christ into Christmas It started in 2013 In 2013, the year of preparation for the centenary celebration of Schoenstatt’s
Joy in the midst of joylessnessAlmost as if written on his face, Father Kentenich consistently reflected serenity, cheerfulness, and joy.
Sr. M. Iona visits Kenya In August Sr. M. Iona from Cape Town South Africa travelled to Kenya for three
A new roof for the Schoenstatt Sisters’ Provincial HouseThe provincial house of the Schoenstatt Sisters in South Africa is located
Sister M. Emilie Fascinates One woman recently said: “For many people, God is very distant. That’s why we need exemplary
To Be Benevolent Because of a Merciful Heart. As Christians we are called to make God experiential to human beings:
Sr. M. Emilie newsletter 2017. The biography of Sister Emilie shows facets of a successful, but often difficult life. She
“With all my heart!” In our communication with one another we often use this phrase. Something that stood out about
INVITATION TO OUR MARRIAGE CAMINO We, the Schoenstatt Family Branch, invite you to follow the pilgrim pathway of your marriage