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Be Mary for the World!

Visit to Kenya

Sr. M. Iona visits Kenya In August Sr. M. Iona from Cape Town South Africa travelled to Kenya for three weeks to visit members of the growing movement. Her journey took her to Nairobi, Saba Saba, to to Kabibi  near Bungoma in the north west of Kenya, and Mugoiri for a girl’s seminar where 85…
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Helping the water Crisis

A new roof for the Schoenstatt Sisters’ Provincial House The provincial house of the Schoenstatt Sisters in South Africa is located in Cape Town, in the beautiful suburb of Constantia. The “new” section of the house was built in 1976 and has been a home for the Sisters who work in various parts of South…
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Sister M. Emilie Fascinates One woman recently said: “For many people, God is very distant. That’s why we need exemplary people who show us way to God.” Sister M. Emilie is such a person; her life had one goal: to win people for God. This well-known photo of Sister M. Emilie fascinates and motivates many…
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Impulses for daily living 3/2017

To Be Benevolent Because of a Merciful Heart. As Christians we are called to make God experiential to human beings: You are the beloved counterpart of God – not because of your qualities, but because you are precious for him and valuable. He, after all, created you unique and individual. The covenant of love with…
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Let go – capture something greater

Sr. M. Emilie newsletter 2017. The biography of Sister Emilie shows facets of a successful, but often difficult life. She had to let go of wishes and plans to capture something more valuable, a chance for a new beginning. It’s not easy to let go: to let go of tasks and responsibilities, memories and past…
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With all my heart!

“With all my heart!” In our communication with one another we often use this phrase. Something that stood out about Sister M. Emilie were her open eyes and her wide heart for the people of her surroundings, in which she could see a trace of God. Love of neighbor was the measure of her love…
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Upcoming Event – Marriage Camino

INVITATION TO OUR MARRIAGE CAMINO We, the Schoenstatt Family Branch, invite you to follow the pilgrim pathway of your marriage together – A Marriage Camino. The fifteen stations shed light on your path through life with all its ups and downs and encourage you to strengthen your marriage. Our hope is that you enter into…
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Upcoming event – Day for the Sick and Aged

The Schoenstatt Movement invites the Sick and Aged of Cape Town to a day at the Schoenstatt Center. The program includes an impulse for daily living, Holy Mass, opportunity to visit the Schoenstatt Shrine, lunch and entertainment. There is plenty of time to share and chat with each other meeting old friends and finding new…
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Venerable Sister M. Emilie Newsletter

Venerable Sr. M. EmilieWould you have thought that God had such great confidence in you?He entrusted his Son to us. We celebrate this event of the birth of Jesus at Christmas.Click here to download Newsletter: Venerable Sister M. Emilie Newsletter Nr. 57 – December2016  

Advent Reflection – week three

With Mary through Advent – to our Schoenstatt Bethlehem We want to transform our heartshrines, homeshrines into spaces where love, healing and mercy can be tangibly experienced. Father, your Shrine Heart of Love, Healing and Mercy! Then our encounter with the Child in the Crib will be truly a deep and meaningful one! This week…
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